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Laser Therapy

Acute and Chronic Pain Management and Advanced Therapeutic Healing, through the application of LASER Therapy Protocols

 Laser Therapy provides a safe, FDA approved, non-invasive and effective treatment for pain management using a therapeutic laser.  The concentrated application of light energy penetrates into the injured area, promoting the body’s natural ability to heal.

 Laser Therapy is a therapeutic medical treatment that utilizes light of a single coherent wavelength (laser). Light energy for therapeutic use has been well documented and is a generally accepted alternative treatment modality for the relief of pain and promotion of tissue repair.  The application of light energy to injured tissues promotes a therapeutic elevation of tissue temperature to safely increase local blood flow, lymphatic drainage and circulation to the treated area. In addition to these therapeutic thermal effects, Laser Therapy acts to produce non-thermal, photochemical reactions in the treated tissue. These photochemical reactions appear to have additional therapeutic effects.

 Laser Therapy transfers energy in the form of electrons from a light source to the micro-structure of the cell, which is then able to use that energy to facilitate the operation of various cell functions.  Damaged, injured cells have lost the ability to produce energy required for cellular repair.   Laser Therapy produces millions of electrons per second in such a fashion that they can immediately be used by the cellular systems to facilitate cellular reproduction and repair that subsequently reduces pain. Laboratory studies to date suggest that the use of specific wave length monochromatic light stimulates collagen production, accelerates DNA synthesis, and improves the function of normal and damaged tissue.

The FDA originally approved laser treatment in 2001 as a safe method for reducing back, neck, and joint pain caused by various conditions, including: arthritis, osteoarthritis, neuropathy, Parkinson’s disease, injuries, and other causative factors.   Therapeutic laser treatment using Class III lasers was approved, and the more powerful Class IV laser treatment is now the most advanced modality used to treat both chronic and acute pain caused by these various causal factors.