The MHS Theralumen ATP is designed to promote and improve immune function via gentle infusion of specific wavelengths into the blood through the sub-lingual capillary system.


Many researchers proved that exposing the blood to UV light had therapeutic benefits, including blood cleaning for sepsis and moribund cases.  Had it not been for the A.M.A.’s preference of antibiotics in the 1930’s, the science of Focused Light Therapy (photoluminescense), UV light and blood irradiation, and UBI would be an accepted norm in the treatment of disease and ailments. The Theralumen and RGB light combined with specific bands of proprietary frequencies, provides a sub-lingual non-invasive application to help strengthen the body’s immune system and over-ride chronic pain.The Theralumen cleans the blood in the same manner that dialysis and UBI treatments occur but in a non-invasive manner. The 20 proprietary frequency bands disarm viral and bacterial infections, and enable the innate life force in the body to overcome mononucleosis, parasites, Lymes Disease and whooping cough. Using the UV light  on a maintenance schedule seems to deter colds and flu infections.  Units have been sent to African countries and we await research reports on the effect on Aids, Ebola and Malaria.

Certain wave lengths of focused light, when delivered to the blood vessels under the tongue, assist the body with sluggish immune system issues.

Anecdotal stories

  • I tried this therapy because almost ten years ago there was a published study of ultraviolet blood irradiation for congestive heart failure, with great results.  Plus I had heard anecdotes from such oxidative medicine therapies.  I was surprised and gratified at the dramatic, immediate effects on my seriously ill patient. We added a mega-dose of Vitamin D3, in a chewable wafer,  50,000 units.  He takes one every five to seven days.His three month return visit to the doctor showed reduced cholesterol and reduced blood pressure, and improved well-being.Now, 8 months later,  he’s a new man. This man is living proof that natural treatments for heart disease work, and one should be cautious about believing gloom-and-doom/do-our-treatment-or-die approaches.


  • The UV therapy is great.  I went to Dr. ___  for cold symptoms. He suggested the UV therapy.  Not only did my cold go away, but the warts under my fingernails that I had been suffering with for years went away.  Great treatment!     Brad
  • “I had a tooth extracted from an old root canal. The dentist said I had infection in the bone which had been there for 7-8 years. My face swelled following the dental procedure, and the pain was about 7-9 for a week. We had a Theralumen treatment, and the swelling reduced by 50% within minutes.”  SC
  • “My teenage daughter has a skin eruption each month with her menses. We rented a Theralumen for the family to detox for a week. On the 3rd day of cleansing she had a low grade head ache and a substance came out her face pores. With her next menses, there was NO ACNE or facial skin problems. Her face remained baby smooth. She is thrilled! PG

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In the 1800’s Dr. Babbitt researched and wrote about the healing benefits of light and color therapy. Dr. Dinshah Ghadiali brought the science of color to the United States in the 1920’s. His research influenced Dr. Kate Baldwin, M.D, A.M.A., F.A.C.S.  lead surgeon of the Philadelphia Women’s Surgery Hospital. She testified in a court case that she would close her clinic practice if she could not use the 11 Spectrochrome units for color therapy treatments she’d learned from General Dinshah because the benefits far out weighed Western traditional medicine.

During the same time period, Royal Rife experimented with frequencies, proving that cancer could be cured with his invention. Chiropractic evolved as a reputable science while suffering scam attacks by the A.M.A. and F.D.A. that were later over turned in court in 1973. Dr. Hoxsey had proven clinical healing of cancer in his Dallas, TX clinic, followed by Dr. Gerson with nutritional diet alterations. All of these, and more Functional Health sciences, except Chiropractic, though proven, were shut down and forced to close or move to other countries.